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Partners in Philanthropy: Professional Advisor Recognition Society
Advisors in the legal, accounting and financial services professions are in a unique position to help increase the philanthropic resources of the community by working with the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln.

Partners in Philanthropy: Professional Advisor Recognition Society was created in 2011 to acknowledge professional advisors for their work to advance philanthropy and encourage charitable giving by playing a significant role in the establishment of a fund at the Community Foundation.

Community Foundation Partners in Philanthropy

  Amy Hagen
  Jim Hagerman
  Mark Ridley
  Elizabeth Tracy

  Ronald Aggertt
  R. Lee Allen
  Thomas Bayer 
  Steve Bochenek
  Creighton Castle   
  Michael Connelly
  Emily Cour    
  Kevin W. Crumly    
  Edward Cunningham          
  Jane Denes    
  Hugh Drake
  Albert O. Eck, Jr.    
  John P. Eck    
  David O. Edwards
  Emmet Fairfield
  Carolyn Grosboll    
  Thomas Hamill
  Larry Hardy
  Tim Healy
  Bridget Johnson
  Larry Johnson
  Michael Lansden    
  James Lestikow    
  Kevin Linder
  Gary Lowery    
  Chad Lucas
  Richard R. Lynch
  Walter Lynn, Jr.
  Annette Piper McClure      
  Joe McMenamin
  Saul Morse
  Darin Muller    
  Michael Noonan
  Scott Norris
  Mike O'Brien
  Cathy Overstreet
  Michael Pence
  Amy Perrin   
  David R. Reid    
  Roger Rutherford
  Paul Schafer
  Patrick J. Sheehan
  Doug Skinner
  Heather Stahlberg Smith    
  Harvey B. Stephens    
  Robert A. Stuart, Jr.    
  John Swartz 
  Randy Taylor  
  Bruce Thompson
  Don Tracy
  Stan Welch   
  Andrew White
  Tom White

Thank you to ALL the advisors in our community who work to promote philanthropy and charitable giving!


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