2015 Scholarship Recipients
Congratulations to our 2015 recipients, who are being awarded over $109,000 for college expenses thanks to generous scholarship donors. We must also thank the many community volunteers who reviewed the applications to make these selections. 

Scholarship Photo Gallery 

2015 Community Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Bud & Helene O’Shea Construction Scholarship
Makynzie Ashbaugh, Rochester HS, $1,000

CFLL Service Scholarship
Jennifer Haley, Sacred Heart-Griffin HS, $1,500

Charlie Cottle Scholarship
Erica Rideout, Chatham-Glenwood HS, $1,000

CIELO Scholarship
Ashley Padilla, Lanphier HS, $1,000

Donna and Donald Lee Wolaver Memorial Golf Scholarship
Cheri Michelich, Auburn HS, $500

Frontiers International $1-K Scholarship
Darius Allen, Southeast HS, $1,000
Jonathan Davis, Southeast HS, $1,000
Caleb Grant, Southeast HS, $1,000
Stephen Madison, Southeast HS, $1,000
Fletcher Williams, Southeast HS, $1,000
Monterius Wheatley, Southeast HS, $1,000

Frontiers International Springfield Club Scholarship
Darius Allen, Southeast HS, $500
Ebony Crawford, Lanphier HS, $500
Jonathan Davis, Southeast HS, $500
Annabelle Emuze, Southeast HS, $500
Roseline Ewa, Springfield HS, $500
Caleb Grant, Southeast HS, $500
Tatyana Gardner, Southeast HS, $500
Jared Roulds-Griffin, Lanphier HS, $500
Olivia Klein, New Berlin HS, $500
Sarah Rodgers, Southeast HS, $500

Henry Bunn Memorial Scholarship
Kathryn Fitzgerald, Lanphier HS, $5,000
Gary Nutt, Southeast HS, $5,000
Stephanie Obieroma, Rochester HS, $5,000
Mitchell Owens, Williamsville HS, $5,000
Ashley Padilla, Lanphier HS, $5,000
Brett Palmer, Lanphier HS, $5,000
Amelia Snyder, Lanphier HS, $5,000
Chandler Stephens, Southeast HS, $5,000

Illinois Women in Leadership Chrysalis Award
Eryn Krueger, Benedictine University, $1,000

Illinois Women in Leadership High School Scholarship
Courtney Chapman, Rochester HS, $1,000
Bridget McClain, Sacred Heart-Griffin HS, $1,000
Kaitlyn Fleigle, Chatham Glenwood HS, $1,000

Jamie K. Patino Math and Science Scholarship
Rachel McClanahan, Southeast HS, $750

Jim Byron Scholarship
Mitchell Staats, Williamsville HS, $1,000

Joseph and Lois Morris Memorial Scholarship
Devin Christmon, Springfield HS, $2,000
Michaela Pattie, Springfield HS, $2,000 
Connor Davlin, Springfield HS, $2,000
William Locher, Springfield HS, $1,000

L. Scott Hoff Scholarship
Jonathan Davis, Southeast HS, $1,000

Lori L. Kashmer Scholarship
Shelby Thornton, Pawnee HS, $5,000

Margaret Johnson Special Education Scholarship
Michaela Pattie, Springfield HS, $600

Mary Lou & Dwight Pitman Scholarship
Michell Owens, Williamsville HS, $1,000

Paul V. Gage Community Service Scholarship
Matthew Williams, Vienna HS, $600

Reverend Kenneth H. White Family Scholarship
Brett Palmer, Lanphier HS, $1,200

SAHBA Robert E. von Behren Memorial Scholarship
Mitchell Owens, Williamsville HS, $1,000

Spanish American Cultural Center Scholarship
Lezlie Arguelles, Arcola HS, $1,000
Yazkara Gara, Arcola HS, $1,000
Yasminda Ruiz, University HS, $1,000

Student of the Year Award Scholarships
Maria Palazzolo, Sacred Heart-Griffin HS, $10,000
Connor Davlin, Springfield HS, $5,000
Ryan Salzeider, Pawnee HS, $5,000
Stephanie Chou, Glenwood HS, $2,500
Meghan McClain, Sacred Heart-Griffin HS, $2,500

The Association for Women in Communications Scholarship
Katelyn Siegert, Eastern IL University, $500

World War II Illinois Descendants Scholarship
Steven Kramer, O'Fallon Township HS, $1,000
Tommy Weiss, Williamsville HS, $1,000
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