2014 Scholarship Recipients
Congratulations to our 2014 recipients, who are being awarded more than $82,000 for college expenses thanks to generous scholarship donors. We must also thank the many community volunteers who reviewed the applications to make these determinations. 

Bud & Helene O’Shea Construction Scholarship
Nolan Brennan, SHG $1,000
Kevin Thomas, SHG $1,000

CFLL Service Scholarship
Harrison Williams, Springfield HS $1,000

Charlie Cottle Scholarship
Kirsten Aydt, Chatham-Glenwood $1,000

Donna and Donald Lee Wolaver Memorial Golf Scholarship
Mason Lott, Pawnee HS $500

Frontiers International $1,000 Scholarship
Shawn Brooks, Jr., Southeast HS $1,000
Michael Brown, Southeast HS $1,000
Micah Richards, Southeast HS $1,000

Frontiers International Springfield Club Scholarship
Frederick Epting, Southeast HS $500
Vernon Halloway, Springfield HS $500
Danielle Hunt, Williamsville HS $500
Abigail Jarvis, Chatham-Glenwood $500
Deyjiah Johnson, Southeast HS $500
Myesha Johnson, Southeast HS $500
Brianna Klein, New Berlin HS $500
Brandi Myles, Southeast High School $500
Jasmine Walls, Lanphier HS $500
Harrison Williams, Springfield HS $500

Girls on the Run of Central Illinois Founder’s Scholarship
Raya Seidman, Springfield HS $1,000

Henry Bunn Memorial Scholarship
Connor Benbrook, Chatham-Glenwood $5,000
Tim Dudas, UIS/Lanphier HS $5,000
Aaron House, Southeast HS $5,000
Trasi Hutchens, Benedictine College/Southeast $5,000
Myesha Johnson, Southeast HS $5,000
Jonathan Miller, Williamsville HS $5,000
Nicole Murphy, LLCC/Lutheran HS $5,000
Harrison Williams, Springfield HS $5,000

Illinois Women in Leadership Chrysalis Award
Jamie Hawk, St. John’s College of Nursing $1,000

Illinois Women in Leadership High School Scholarship
Alana Aragon, Chatham-Glenwood $1,000
Marissa Byers, Chatham-Glenwood $1,000
Elizabeth Hamill, Springfield HS $1,000

Jamie K. Patino Math and Science Scholarship
Cassidy Bruns, Southeast HS $700

Jim Byron Scholarship
Jonathan Miller, Williamsville HS $1,000

Joseph and Lois Morris Memorial Scholarship
Jacob Cisco, Springfield HS $3,000
Carlee Ayers-Merritt, Springfield HS $2,000 
Jon Bradshaw, Springfield HS $2,000
Page Nagel, Springfield HS $2,000
Elle Reinhart, Springfield HS $1,000

Linda S. Culver Scholarship
Kaytlyn Worner, MacMurray College $1,000

Lori L. Kashmer Scholarship
Kara Starkweather, Chatham-Glenwood $1,000
Kaitlyn Siders, Williamsville HS $4,000

L. Scott Hoff Scholarship
Dierrah Lattimore, Southeast HS $1,000

Margaret Johnson Special Education Scholarship
Colleen Woodford, Chatham-Glenwood $600

Mary Lou & Dwight Pitman Scholarship
Kaitlyn Siders, Williamsville HS $1,000

Paul V. Gage Community Service Scholarship
Allison Browning, Vienna HS $500

Reverend Kenneth H. White Family Scholarship
Katelyn Phillips, Lanphier HS $500
Summer Jones, Lanphier HS $500

Spanish American Cultural Center Scholarship
Janie Cantu, Arcola HS $1,000
Ilse Johnstone, Chatham-Glenwood $1,000

SAHBA/von Behren Memorial Scholarship
Harrison Williams, Springfield HS $1,000

World War II Illinois Descendants Scholarship
Justin Smith, Red Hill $1,000
Derrek Tiburzi, Gillespie $1,000
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