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2018 Scholarship Recipients
Congratulations to our 2018 recipients, who are being awarded over $154,000 for college expenses thanks to generous scholarship donors. 

We must also thank the many community volunteers who reviewed the applications to make these selections.

Ada McCombs White Memorial Scholarship
Lane Newell, Western Illinois University, $750

CFLL Service Scholarship
Calyssa Richie, New Berlin High School, $1,500

Charlie Cottle Scholarship
Cole Hembrough, Glenwood High School, $1,500

CIELO Medical Scholarship
Aileen Portugal, SIU School of Medicine, $2,500

Country Financial Community Scholarship
Emma Bolinger, Springfield High School, $2,000
Caleb Crawford, Illinois College, $2,000
Meredith Crifasi, Rochester High School, $2,000
Madeline Eck, Lutheran High School, $2,000
Jessica Hall, Cedarville University, $2,000
Shruthi Mekala, Hillsboro High School, $2,000
Maggie Ratcliff, Carlinville High School, $2,000
Calyssa Richie, New Berlin High School, $2,000
McKenna Sanders, Nokomis High School, $2,000
Elisabeth Warden, Beardstown High School, $2,000

Don W. Casper Memorial Scholarship
Sophia Roth, Springfield High School, $2,500

Don W. Estaque, Jr. Scholarship
Cody Wheeler, Lanphier High School, $2,000

Donald Lee and Donna Wolaver Memorial Golf Scholarship
Eliott Neal, Southeast High School, $500

Farrell and Ann Gay Scholarship
Emily Ducaji, Sacred Heart-Griffin High School, $1,500
Bryce Griebler, Southeast High School, $1,000
Sage Thompson, Springfield High School, $2,000

Frontiers International - J.D. Washington $1K Scholarship
Richard Gragg III, Southeast High School, $1,000
Deontrae Shannon, Southeast High School, $1,000
Alexander Blaze Taylor, Southeast High School, $1,000

Frontiers International - James Forstall Scholarship
Emma Bolinger, Springfield High School, $500
Jaden Davis, Lanphier High School, $500
Ozzy Erewele, Springfield High School, $500
Gage Ford, Springfield High School, $500
Alisa Frazier, Lanphier High School, $500
Ny'Torious McCoy, Lanphier High School, $500
Felix Nwajei, Lanphier High School, $500
Faith Price, Lanphier High School, $500
Marley Stubblefield, Rochester High School, $500
Clarence Williams, Lanphier High School, $500

Gerald F. and Luanna R. Kennedy Scholarship
Natalie Kirkbride, Pana High School, $1,500 

Girls on the Run of Central Illinois Founder's Scholarship
Madeline Fellhauer, Jacksonville Routt Catholic High School, $1,500 

Henry Bunn Memorial Scholarship
Alexia Blakeman, Lanphier High School, $5,000
Tiama Elfgen, Lanphier High School, $5,000
Ana Gragg, Tennessee State University, $5,000
Freya Jennison, Springfield High School, $5,000
Riley Ladd, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, $5,000
Elisa Orellana, Southeast High School, $5,000
Marissa Pattie, Springfield High School, $5,000
Nafiz Rahman, Glenwood High School, $5,000

Illinois Women in Leadership Chrysalis Award
Diana Ford, Lincoln Land Community College, $1,000

Illinois Women in Leadership High School Scholarship
Emma Bolinger, Springfield High School, $1,000
Marley Stubblefield, Rochester High School, $1,000
Hannah Wyatt, Springfield High School, $1,000

Jamie K. Patino Math and Science Scholarship
Sarah McLaughlin, Southeast High School, $900

Jim Byron Scholarship
Grace Holton, Williamsville High School, $1,000

Joseph and Lois Morris Memorial Scholarship
Cole Davlin, Springfield High School, $2,000
Andrew Holliday, Springfield High School, $2,000
DaShayaa Jones, Springfield High School, $2,000
Hannah Wyatt, Springfield High School, $2,000

Linda S. Culver Memorial Scholarship
Natalie Kaganich, Carlinville High School, $4,000

Lori L. Kashmer Scholarship
Logan Capps, Glenwood High School, $3,500

Margaret Johnson Special Education Scholarship
Taylor "Paige" Mendenhall, Rochester High School, $600

Mary Lou & Dwight Pitman Scholarship
Grace Sinclair, Pleasant Plains High School, $1,000

O’Brien Medical or Health Related Field of Study Scholarship
Kaye Bayaton, University of Illinois Springfield, $1,000
Laura Hanselman, St. John's College of Nursing, $1,000
Ximena Morales, Sacred Heart-Griffin High School, $1,000
Daniel Roscetti, Riverton High School, $1,000

Paul V. Gage Community Service Scholarship
Lily Greer, Vienna High School, $600

Pearl Fairfield Scholarship
Gage Ford, Springfield High School, $750

Reverend Kenneth H. White Family Scholarship
Cyrus Rhodes, Lanphier High School, $1,600

Roland Machinery Scholarship
Cooper Wilson, Hillsboro High School, $1,000

SAHBA Robert E. von Behren Memorial Scholarship
Cody Pennell, Springfield High School, $1,000
Garrett Stritzel, Hillsboro High School, $1,000

Sgt. John R. Dalhaus Memorial Scholarship
Grant Shelton, Litchfield High School, $1,000

Spanish American Cultural Center Scholarship
Elisa Orellana, Southeast High School, $3,000
Priscila Rodriguez, Beardtown High School, $3,000

Student of the Year Award
Below are the five finalists. The Student of the Year will be announced at the Scholarship Reception.
All finalists are scholarship recipients: $2,500 (2), $5,000 (2), & the 2018 Student of the Year will receive a $10,000 scholarship!
Brock Brummett, Pleasant Plains
Ozzy Erewele, Springfield High
Jordan Gentry, Rochester
Freya Jennison, Springfield High
Cyrus Rhodes, Lanphier

Susan G. Conner Special Education Scholarship
Taylor "Paige" Mendenhall, Rochester High School, $500

The Association for Women in Communications, Springfield Chapter, Commucations Scholarship Fund
Emily Stieren, Western Illinois University, $500

World War II Illinois Descendants Scholarship
Kathleen Botterbush, Alton Marquette Catholic High School, $1,000
Madison Keele, Nokomis High School, $1,000
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