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Current Members of the Society of 1924

The following people have chosen to make this commitment publicly as an inspiration to others. We thank them and those who wish to remain anonymous for their generosity and forethought. Their bequests will ensure a stronger future for our community, forever.

Anonymous (13)
Deborah Bandy
J. Michael & Sandy Barker
Erich & Mary Bloxdorf
Michael & Ann Marie Boer
Monica & Scott Bucek
Diane M. Cape
Charles* & Nancy Chapin
Dave Clinard & Dana Shanholtzer Clinard
James Coble*
G. Virginia Conlee
William Hughes Diller, Jr.*
John & Linda Eck
Howard & Frances Emerson
Russell* & Delores* Esela
Jane Ford
Randy & Kathy Germeraad
Walter* & Sue* Hanson 
Ed & Kate* Hein
John Hobbs, Jr.*
Henriette Hodde*
Dan & Kendal Hoselton
Kevin Hyatt*
John Dale & Ronee C. Kennedy
Margaret Kincaid*
Edna S. Marx*
William D.* & Barbara M. Mehlenbeck
Saul Morse & Anne Morgan
Thomas & Doreen O'Brien
Marion E. Richter
William & Mary Schnirring
Cathy Schwartz & John Shafer
Barry & Deborah Shultz
Larry & Linda Smith
Bruce Sommer 
Harvey & Judy Stephens
Stephen & Lisa Stone
John & Trina Stremsterfer
Marjorie Stromme* 
Don & Wanda Tracy
Leon* & Linda Tryon
Robert D.* & Marilyn* Uteg
William R. Zimmer
Evelyn Zimmerman*

* Deceased

If you wish to be listed as a member of the Society of 1924, please contact us at 217-789-4431 so others can learn of the importance you have placed on endowing the future.

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