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Executive Committee
Bruce E. Thompson, Chair
Roe Stone, Vice Chair
Tricia Nelson Becker, Secretary
Bruce Sommer, Treasurer

Audit Committee

Harry Berman, chair
Mike Hoppe*
Carol Jessup*
Michael Kos*
James Woosley*

Finance Committee
Bruce Sommer, chair
Jennifer Schoats Flack
Cindy Lamar

Governance Committee
Bruce Thompson, chair
Tricia Nelson Becker
Harry Berman

Investment Committee
Al Grosboll, chair
Jane Denes
Bruce Sommer
Thao Ring*
Greg Turk*

Programs and Grants Committee
Tricia Becker, Chair
Jen DeJong
Wendi Wills El-Amin
Thomas G. Hamill*
Tom Layzell*
Allison Richard*
Dan Wright*

Scholarship Committee
Cindy Lamar, Chair
Young Brockhouse*
Donna Povse*
Kenyatta Revelle*
Roe Stone

*Non-Board Member

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