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Donor-Advised Funds
These funds allow donors to remain actively involved in suggesting uses for grants from the funds. Grants are given to support causes and organizations the donors care about most. The fund names, along with the donors of each fund are listed below.

2100 Fund
Claire Call, Christopher Kohlrus, Thomas Kohlrus, Kurt Kohlrus, Karl Kohlrus and Marianne Stremsterfer

4 The Kids Fund
Gary Lowery, Darin Muller and Denise Young

Adam Mitchell Clack Memorial Fund

Gary and Teresa Clack

Albert O. Eck, Jr., Memorial Fund
Nancy Eck

Beez with Ease Fund
A Springfield family

Ben's Bookshelf Fund
Carolyn Pointer and Scott Moomaw

Benson Family Fund
Fredric and Terri Benson

Buoy Family Fund
Carl Buoy

Bryant J. Luxmore Memorial Fund
The Family of Bryant J. Luxmore 

Bud & Helene O'Shea Fund
Harold O'Shea Builders

Caitlin Beth Dungan Fund
Caitlin Beth Dungan

Capestrain-Tracy Family Fund
Ray & Anne Capestrain

Caroline E. Germeraad Fund
Caroline E. Germeraad

Carolyn and Rich Berning Fund
Carolyn and Rich Berning

Chapin Family Fund
Charles & Nancy Chapin

Charles R. Walbaum Memorial Fund
Robert & Anita Walbaum

Community Health Project Fund
Anonymous donor

Cousineau Family Fund
William & Macy Cousineau

Dan and Kendal Hoselton Family Fund
Dan & Kendal Hoselton

Daniel Colin Dungan Fund

Daniel Colin Dungan

DeFrain Family Fund
Chad & Megan DeFrain

Denes-Blythe Family Fund
Jane Denes & John Blythe

Dungan Family Fund
Daniel & Carolyn Dungan

Eck Family Fund
John Eck, Sr. & Linda Eck

Ed & Lucy Breitung Family Fund
Lucy Breitung

Edith & Harris Cape Animal Fund
Diane M. Cape

Edwards-Hall Family Charitable Fund
David & Michelle Edwards

Eggleston Family Endowment Fund
Tim & Debi Eggleston

Ehlian Family Fund
A Springfield Family

Evelyn Brandt Thomas Fund
Evelyn Brandt Thomas

Faith, Hope and Charity Fund
Anonymous donor

G. Virginia Conlee Fund
G. Virginia Conlee

Garland Brown and Sugar Bear Brown Fund for Animals
Garland Brown

Germeraad Family Fund
Randy & Kathy Germeraad

Hahn Family Fund

Bill and Gail Hahn

Hanson Family Fund
Karen Hanson Pletsch and Walter E. & Sue Hanson

Helen and Thomas Appleton Family Fund
Thomas and Helen Appleton

Hyatt Fund for Animals
Kevin J. Hyatt

Isringhausen Fund
Isringhausen Imports

Jane and Paul Ford Family Fund
Jane Ford

Jason Wiley and Amanda Finley Memorial Fund
Paul and Kathi Smith in memory of their son and granddaughter

Jody Rainey Memorial Fund
Mary and Robert Rechner

John Mueth, Jr. Fund
The Reyhan Family

Judith G. Stephens Chairperson's Fund
Established by the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln board of directors to honor the work of Judith G. Stephens, whose commitment and dedication have been instrumental in the growth and success of the Foundation.

Kate Hein Memorial Fund
Edward C. Hein

Kellner Charitable Fund
Bill and Julie Kellner

Kindling Fund
Bruce Sommer

Langfelder Family Fund
The Langfelder Family

Leon Tryon Memorial Fund
Linda Tryon, Doug & Kari Skinner

Lisa and Stephen Stone Family Fund
Lisa & Stephen Stone

Locascio Family Fund
Phil & Jane Locascio

Loken Family Fund
Mary & Denny Loken, Alan, Susan, Beck & Finn Loken

Luke 12:48 Fund
Jennifer & Marc DeJong

Lynn Family Fund
Walter I. Lynn, Jr.

Mackey-Wolin Fund
Brant Mackey & Sarah Wolin-Mackey

Michael & Sandy Barker Family Fund
J. Michael Barker & Sandy L. Barker

Mike & Marie Giacomelli Fund
Mike & Marie Giacomelli

Miller Family Fund
Neal & Julie Miller

Morse/Morgan Family Fund
Saul J. Morse & Anne B. Morgan

Munie Family Fund
Joyce Munie

OWL 0737 Fund
Erich & Mary Bloxdorf

Patrick W. Haven Memorial Fund
George & Mary Jo Haven

Petty Cash Fund
Sarah Petty

Rev. Steven A. Janoski Charitable Fund
Rev. Steven A. Janoski

Robert & Nancy Colantino Family Charitable Fund
Robert & Nancy Colantino

Robert Family Fund

Dean Robert

Roberts Family Fund
Mark O. Roberts, Jr.

Roland Family Fund
Raymond & Mary Beth Roland

Rominger Family Fund
Roger & Phyllis Rominger

Russell and Jan Williams Family Fund
Russell & Jan Williams

Ryder Family Fund
Tom & Peggy Ryder

Scott and Colleen Germeraad Family Fund
Scott & Colleen Germeraad

Sergio and Rosemary Pecori Fund
Sergio Pecori

Shultz Family Fund
Deborah & Barry Shultz

Sommer Family Fund
Ken & Mary K. Sommer and Family

Springfield Electric Supply Company Fund
Springfield Electric Supply Company, in honor of its founders William and Marion Schnirring

Springfield Tracy Fund
Don & Wanda Tracy

St. Benedict Outreach Fund

Stauffer Family Fund
Jeff & Sheri Stauffer

Sumner Family Fund
Martha S. Sumner

The Butler Community Endowment
Kirlin-Egan & Butler Funeral Home, P.C.

The Lilac Fund
A Springfield Family

The Morton and Jojene Sabath Fund
Erin L. Sabath

The Sally Fund
Deborah Bandy

Troxell Financial Advisors Fund
Troxell Financial Advisors

Velma L. Carey Family Fund
Robert & Carolyn Blackwell

Wanless-Claus Family Fund
Ronald & Betty Wanless

Wilfred and Esther Lam Family Fund
Wilfred & Esther Lam

William and Mary Schnirring Fund
William & Mary Schnirring

Wini Stephens Memorial Fund
Judith G. & Harvey B. Stephens
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