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If you are interested in applying for college scholarships, click on Apply for Funds above to learn more about the application procedure. Access to scholarship applications will be made available on this website January 1 - March 1 each year.

Bud & Helene O’Shea Construction Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a high school graduate pursuing a degree in construction, engineering or architecture. It was established by Harold O’Shea Builders to honor the hard work of Bud & Helene O’Shea in helping to build the company.

CFLL Service Scholarship
Scholarship funded by gifts from the Susan Cook House Trust. This scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior from a high school in Sangamon County who is attending a 2-year or 4-year college or university in the coming fall as a full-time student. Each high school principal is asked to nominate one student to complete the application and that student must be an extraordinary example of service to others and the community.

Charlie Cottle Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a graduate of Glenwood High School pursuing a post-secondary degree. Charlie Cottle established and built the Glenwood football program. This award is to honor his memory and his values of hard work, integrity, humility and sportsmanship. 

CIELO Medical Scholarship
This scholarship fund is for Latino students pursuing a medical related degree in Sangamon County. Recipients will be determined by the CIELO (formerly National Image, Inc.).

Donna and Donald Lee Wolaver Memorial Golf Scholarship
This scholarship is for high school graduates who participated on high school golf teams.

Farrell and Ann Gay Scholarship
This scholarship fund provides scholarships for students graduating from a public high school who have an appreciation for American history, specifically Abraham Lincoln.

Frontiers International Springfield Club $1K Scholarship
This scholarship will provide a guaranteed $1,000 college scholarship to sixth graders who begin active participation in the Frontiers' Positive Youth Development and Junior Frontiers Program, and, subsequently graduate from high school. The $1K Fund is for young African American males and their families to promote the value of education and its importance for a high quality of life.  

Frontiers International Springfield Club Scholarship
This scholarship concentrates on assisting African-American students, although any graduating high school senior from Sangamon County may apply. The Frontiers encourage scholastic achievement, leadership skills, community service and good citizenship, and the scholarship will assist students who exhibit those characteristics. 

Gerald F. and Luanna R. Kennedy Scholarship Fund
This scholarship will be awarded to a student of Pana High School who has demonstrated a history of continued service to the community. It was established by the children of Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy to honor their memory.

Girls on the Run of Central Illinois Founder’s Scholarship
Established by Deborah and Barry Shultz, the Fund will provide scholarships for alumnae of the Girls on the Run of Central Illinois program who demonstrate the Girls on the Run vision of embracing joy, health, and confidence in life, and who also demonstrate leadership qualities and compassion through activities.

Henry Bunn Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 1953 by Alice E. Bunn in memory of her brother, Henry Bunn, who was killed in World War II. Alice's thoughtful gift and her brother's memory live on by providing scholarships to encourage high school students to attend college. The Community Foundation began administering the scholarship in 2013.

Illinois Women in Leadership High School Scholarship
Scholarship provided by Illinois Women in Leadership to assist Sangamon County women students in post-secondary education by encouraging them to set and pursue career goals.
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Illinois Women in Leadership Chrysalis Award
Scholarship award provided by Illinois Women in Leadership to assist Sangamon County women who have been out of high school for 5 years or more and are enrolling in a college, university or trade school; or women who are continuing or returning to college who do not yet have an undergraduate degree.
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Jamie K. Patino Math and Science Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a graduate of Springfield Southeast High School who will be pursuing a degree in engineering, technology or science. This scholarship is in memory of Jamie Patino and the path she traveled. The scholarship has been established to encourage other students who are interested in following her spirit and the qualities she had, including the strength to stand up for what you believe is right, the ability to overcome difficult situations or hardships and the desire to make the most of today while being mindful of the future.

Jim Byron Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a Williamsville High School graduate. It was established to honor Jim Byron for his selfless volunteer work with student athletes in the Williamsville and Sherman communities over the past 35 years.  He has made a difference in the lives of so many and never requested any payment "except a hug". His dedication, honesty, caring attitude and humility have been great examples to all the students.

Joseph and Lois Morris Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship awarded to graduate of Springfield High School for a student pursuing a college degree or attending a vocational/technical school as a full-time student. Established by Joseph and Lois Morris to assist dedicated students, they wanted to help others pursue higher education opportunities the couple were not afforded.

L. Scott Hoff Scholarship
Scholarship awarded to students who have a record of service in the Boys & Girls Club or other similar fraternal or community organization. This scholarship is in memory of Scott Hoff, a young man who demonstrated great leadership qualities and compassion during his short life.

Linda S. Culver Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship for Girl Scouts registered with Girl Scouts of Central Illinois and nationally affiliated. This scholarship is named in memory of Linda S. Culver, a prominent Girl Scout leader and area business leader for many years.

Lori L. Kashmer Scholarship
Scholarship established to give financial assistance in memory of Lori L. Kashmer, who had a passion for learning and helping others. It is available to either a part-time or full-time student who is pursing a degree in nursing, health or medical career, or in veterinary medicine.

Margaret Johnson Special Education Scholarship
Scholarship established in memory of Margaret Johnson to honor those who work in special education.

Mary Lou and Dwight Pitman Scholarship
Scholarship awarded to a graduating senior from a public high school outside the City of Springfield, who has at least one older sibling currently enrolled in college and/or at least one younger sibling who plans to attend college. This scholarship is in honor of Mary Lou and Dwight Pitman.

O'Brien Medical or Health Related Field of Study Scholarship Fund
This scholarship is awarded to a graduate of a Sangamon County high school, who is pursuing a degree or certificate in a medical or health related field of study. Applicants should demonstrate earnest scholarship and be of superior academic quality. 

Paul V. Gage Community Service Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a graduate of Vienna High School, Vienna, Illinois, who has exhibited excellence in community service through volunteerism. This scholarship is given in memory of Paul V. Gage.

Pearl Fairfield Scholarship
This scholarship was established by Emmet Fairfield and his wife Susan to honor Pearl Fairfield, Emmet's mother. It assists students who have worked hard in school to achieve good grades and participated in outside activities despite hardships in their lives.

Reverend Kenneth H. White Family Scholarship
Scholarship awarded to a Lanphier High School graduating senior who plans to obtain a State Teaching Certificate and intends to teach in the public school system. Rev. White was a self-sacrificing man who generously spent his life in service to others and viewed it as his calling - this scholarship honors his memory.

Roland Machinery Scholarship Fund
This scholarship is designated for high school seniors graduating from high school in Sangamon, Cass, Christian, Logan, Menard, Morgan, and Montgomery counties. Students must be pursuing a degree/certificate in a profession related to construction, mechanical engineering or other related trade. 

Sgt. John R. Dalhaus Memorial Scholarship 
This scholarship is designated for a graduating senior from Litchfield High School who is pursuing a degree in a vocational field. The scholarship was established in memory of Sgt. John R. Dalhaus.

Spanish American Cultural Center Scholarship
This scholarship is available to students of Latino descent who will be a graduating senior or who is obtaining a GED from an institution located in any of the following Illinois counties: Sangamon, Cass, Douglas, Champaign, Macon, McLean or Morgan. The Spanish American Cultural Center has worked hard to make funds available to benefit Latino students.

Springfield Area Home Builders Association's Robert E. von Behren Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship award is open to students pursuing a career in the building industry in the following counties: Sangamon, Christian, Montgomery Macoupin, Scott, Morgan, Cass, Menard, Mason and Logan. Mr. von Behren was an accomplished builder and helped establish the Springfield Area Home Builders Association. He was devoted to his craft and worked hard to perfect his skills and teach others. Visit website

The Association for Women in Communications, Springfield Chapter, Communications Scholarship
The scholarship is awarded to women from central Illinois or attending school in central Illinois who are pursuing a communications degree.

World War II Illinois Descendants Scholarship
This scholarship is available to a student graduating from any high school in Illinois who is a descendant of an Illinois veteran of World War II. The scholarship is intended to honor the memory of those from Illinois who served in World War II.

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