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Executive Committee
Bruce E. Thompson, Chair
Roe Stone, Vice Chair
Tricia Nelson Becker, Secretary
Bruce Sommer, Treasurer

Audit Committee

Harry Berman, chair
Ronda Folkerts*
Mike Hoppe*
Michael Kos*
Andrew Watson*

Finance Committee
Bruce Sommer, chair
Cindy Lamar
Josh Renken

Governance Committee
Hy Bunn, chair
Tricia Nelson Becker
Harry Berman

Investment Committee
Al Grosboll, chair
Jane Denes
Bruce Sommer
Thao Ring*
Greg Turk*

Programs and Grants Committee
Tricia Becker, Chair
Wendi Wills El-Amin
Thomas G. Hamill*
Tom Layzell*
Allison Richard*
Dan Wright*

Scholarship Committee
Roe Stone, Chair
Susan Fairfield*
Cindy Lamar
Donna Povse*
Kenyatta Revelle*

*Non-Board Member

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